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Great Gift Ideas
The Niles Bottle Opener

The "Niles" stands upright and is a definite conversation piece, your friends won't know what it is. If you are looking for an unusual gift • this is it!

Bottle Opener • Large

This large grip bottle opener works great for the home bartender in all of us. Easy to use.  

Ice Cream Paddle

A hand-turned handle grip holds a large Ice Cream Paddle. Feels great in your hand and is a great gift for the ice cream afficionado on your gift list!

Pet Urn

A small urn to hold the treasured remains of our furry family members.  

Urn • Turquoise

Adding a turquoise embellishment compliments the wood and adds a personal touch.

All urns come with either a finial or flat stopper.

Urn • Small

Choosing your final resting place is a big decision. Whether you are to be interred in a columbarium, a mausoleum or placed reverently on the mantel, a hand-turned wooden urn a timeless and thoughtful memorial.

Small urns hold human remains up to 150#.